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Best Ayurvedic Medicines For Liver & Shilajit Energy Tablets For Men 
Ayurveda is our culture  
Ayurvedic medicine is the oldest healing science. Its positioningis significant on prevention and considered a good health healing practise. The Ancient scholars has considered Ayurveda as truthful and assist to precise thinking, better lifestyle and good diet. Ayurveda is a sister science of yoga. They go hand in hand. They both grew up in India and they complement each other perfectly. It is the most ancient medicinal system in the world. Ayurveda is a sankrit word ‘Ayur’ means life and ‘Veda’ is the science or knowledge. So, Ayurveda is a life science based on the principle everything in the universe which is made up of five elements space, air, water, fire and earth of which human beings are part of that and those five elements. Any imbalance in these elements causes vata, pitta and kapha in the human body.  Ayurveda is preventative & curative medical system without any side effects. 
Sapta Dhatus (seven body tissue)
The human body is fundamentally made up of sapta dhatus. 7 building blocks of the physical body are Ø  Rasa (Plasma) Ø  Rakta (Blood) Ø  Majja (Bone Marrow) Ø  Mamsa (Muscle) Ø  Asthi (Bone and cartilage) Ø  Meda (Adipose tissue) Ø  Shukra (reproductive tissue)
Vatta person
Characteristics of vatta person are Slender, energetic, react to negative, tall, dry skin/hair, emotions with anxiety and fear, walk fast, learn fast, speak fast, forget fast, think fast, cold hands/feet, creative mentally, don’t like cold/dry weather, lively.
Pitta Persons
Characteristics of Pitta Person are Medium build, Good motivational speaker, don’t like heat, Strong, react to negative emotions with anger, good digestion, Freckles, Disciplined, Skin related problems, Ulcers, Good memory, good leaders, good intelligence.
Kapha Person
Characteristics of Kapha person are Short, Slow to learn, Don’t like moist/wet weather, Stocky, Good long term memory, Bulky, Kind, Tend to overweight, forgiving, easy going, romantic, Good immune system, Moist hair/skin, react to negative emotions with insecurities and jealousy.    6 Rasas (Essence/taste) Madhura (Sweet): Carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, grains, pasta, bread, all starchy vegetables, all meat, eggs, milk, butter etc. Lavaṇa (Salty): Salt, Soya sauce, salted fish/meat. Amla (Sour): Citrus fruits, tomatoes, yoghurt, alcohol, fermented food, pickle etc. Kaṭu (Spicy/Pungent/Hot): Chillies, black pepper, ginger, onions, garlic, cinnamon etc. Tikta (Bitter):Grapefruit, bitter melon, all leafy vegetables Kasaya (Astringent): Cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, olives, cabbage, almonds.
Modern Ayurveda In a developing country people are getting distanced from the nature. While living busy lifestyle or sedentary life we may face difficulties in future. To keep our enthusiasm, the efficient way to balance our life is to make changes in our daily activities. Hence, the essential of Ayurveda medicine holds strongest in today’s lifestyle. The natural ingredients offer boundless treatment and remedies.  Due to hectic schedule people are suffering from stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, etc. Ayurvedic medicine is not only useful to keep good health but also it assists to reduce the stress and anxiety and also helps to follow a good diet. The main objective of the Ayurveda herbs is to help person to maintain their good health. Ayurveda is the traditional application of healthcare. Ayurveda has a perfectly holistic way of dealing with the health issues you may get temporary relief after having modern medicine but Ayurveda cures the root cause of the disease.
Mental and body constitution:
Power of mind
In Ayurveda mind may impact total health as a key factor. The instability in your thoughts might be one of the causes of your physical condition. Some unresolved emotions are stagnating and causing an illness. Ayurveda provides an informative way to determining mental nature. Energy is distributed through little channels known as srotamsi to the complete physical system. A mula (root), a marga (pathway) and a mukha (opening) are found for each major Srotamsi. Mind is regarded by the mano vaha srotas as one of the main routes of operation. Mula – Ten essential heart and sensory pathways Marga – Whole body Muga – Sense of marma points and organs. This demonstrates why any smallest disturbance may cause the whole body to lose equilibrium. In order to increase the quality of our lives, it is vital to manage and calm our thoughts through external pressure. Ayurveda recommends the route to healthy mental health and healthy existence, Amagnan (self-knowledge), guru and bhakti (god worship).
3 Gunas:
Just as we all have a unique physical structure (deha prakriti), we also have a unique measure of the mind’s nature (manas prakriti). It is the unique proportion of three Ayurveda Maha Gunas. These are fundamental features existing across all aspects of the Universe. Rajas and Tamas and Sattvic. The development route should go from Tamas to Rajas, which leads to Satva or brightness. The Guna Theory describes 16 categories of personalities that may be categorized:
Over all the three gunas, Satva is lively, peaceful, cool and pure-minded. Sattva types are: Brahma Sattva, Mahendra Sattva, Varuna Sattva, Gandharva Sattva, Yama Sattva and Rishi Sattva. Balance and harmony describe the Sattva. It is the state of harmony, indiscrimination, mind stability, effectiveness in the management of things without bias and egoism, emotional stability and togetherness. Satvians have an inherent cleanliness instinct and a seamless knowledge expressed in their actions.
Rajas is the quality of action. It has a stimulus and the capacity to achieve the objective. It connects the soul to action. The Six Single Species in the Rajasik prakriti are Asura, Rakshasa, Paisaca, Sarpa, Praita and Sakuna. Rajas tends to be active inherently. This is significant in order to do activities. Rajas leads to hyperactivity, anger, passion, serious attachment, restlessness and unpleasant behaviours if it is in excess quantity in our body.  If imbalanced rajas are said to disturb the mind. Rajasic persons tend to be hungry and unhappy about the positions or possessions they get; they strive for it more often at the expense of the people around them.
Tamas signifies darkness. It is an inactive characteristic. Intellect is not used. It is a state of mind that is uneducated, unclean and harmful. Pasava, Matsya and Vanaspatya are the subgroups of the Tamasic prakruti. The inertia is the tamas. Without such quality, rest or sleep is impossible. It offers a base and solidity. Their growth leads to sloth, fatigue, indifference, ignorance and melancholy. Tamasic persons prefer to avoid work, with an unexploited feeling of pleasure and waste of time. They avoid cleanliness and are unaware of health.
3 Doshas
The concept of Ayurveda is based on three doshas (causes). Everybody has all three in a unique combination as unique as your fingerprints for instance what tends to happen is most people are predominant, they have more of one of these three energies so they are predominant with vata, pitta, and kapha. Very seldom people have all three doshas in an equal moment. Now the aim with Veda is basically to create a balance of your biological constitution which is your prakriti which is the three doshas you have. It’s not about bringing them in line and having them in equal amount, it’s about knowing your constitution and creating balance for that. A balanced personality is a combination of all three aspects while growing more satvic attributes. Each of us have a unique ratio of satvic, rajas and tamas, just as we are born with a unique mixture of doshas – Vata, Pitte and Kapha. However, in contrast to the doshas, over time the prevailing quality tends to shift. The state of mind we are comfortable with and how we manage difficult situations is our natural mind.
Ayurvedic diet:
In ayurveda, nutrition plays a crucial role. “Ahara” (diet) and “Anna” (food) have been emphasised in Ayurveda as a way of good life, health and wellbeing. The mind, body and soul are nurtured by healthy and healthful nourishment. Ayurveda claims that, though each person’s digestive ability may be different, the healthy existence requires the dietary quality and adequate amount. The right amount of food promotes strength, vigor, healthy teeth and fosters tissue health.
Influence of food over mind and emotions
Ayurveda says that the mind has a direct impact on food quality, meal preparation, taste, aroma and freshness. All five senses are influenced by these elements and proper digestion. Ayurveda supports, on the basis of the following fundamental principles, the selection of fresh foods, food processing via the combination of appropriate foods and use of herbs and spices for the taste and flavour of the meal. Researchers suggest that emotion, mental agility and mental vigour are regulated by dietary quality. Three fundamental categories have been described in Ayurveda:
Satva or Light food:
Eating light food such as fresh vegetable, rice, milk, butter, honey, fruit, nuts and consciousness in the appropriate way, the three doshas get balanced and bring about mental harmony
Rajas or Rich food:
A rich diet like garlic, coffee or alcohol, fries, spicy or too hot, would encourage fantasy, anger and ego. While these emotions may seem like bad traits, certain of them are necessary to lead a normal existence. Rajasic food should be moderately added in the diet.
Tamas or Dull and sluggish
The sluggish list of foods includes frozen food, root vegetables, peanut, leftovers and meat, which may require extra digestion energy. Such meals can increase emotions such as ignorance, covetousness, and sloth. This kind of food should be carefully incorporated in the diet.
Eating Habits
:5-6 meals/day (small quantities)
3-4 meals/day (never skip breakfast, don’t skip a meal)
2 meals/day, breakfast optional
What to eat?
Vata: Sweet, salty, sour, avoid other tastes Pitta: Sweet, bitter, astringent, avoid spicy food Kapha – Spicy, bitter, astringent
Time of the day:
Morning – Kapha Afternoon – Pitta Night – Vata Depending on age: Birth to 18 years – Kapha 19-40/45 – Pitta 45+ – Vata
To get rid of the illnesses and to enhance one’s immunity, it is highly vital to detoxify oneself and eliminate toxins. Toxins are one of the primary causes of sickness that changes in weather and can slowly build up long-term illness. The internal toxins and the external toxins are the two causes of toxins build in our human body. The exterior ones are those we acquire from the variety of junk food and greasy food we eat and our metabolism gives rise to internal toxins. Internal poisons are termed ama in Ayurveda which are exacerbated if the digestive fires get weaker over time. We have to eat healthy and balanced diet to eliminate toxins from the body. Not only does it maintain the body well, it also enhances immunity when there is a change in weather. Children mostly become ill each season when the infection of viruses and bacteria in the air increases and they succumb rapidly to influenza and cold diseases. We can’t control changing weather, but we can plan our lifestyle in a way which enhances immunity and prevents illness and infection.
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Modern Lifestyle and Ayurveda:
Best liver ayurvedic medicine
Partying and having fun with our loved ones are part of modern lifestyle. We always plan to chill with our friends and having couple of drinks on parties. The toxins in the alcohol such as acetaldehyde affects the liver and we feel hangover. Nohangover is the best ayurvedic medicine for liver care  and protects it from getting damage.
Energy tablets for men
On the other hand, one of the major issues men are facing is that, lack of long time performance and power to perform daily chores. This may be due to tiredness or fatigue. Fatigue, stress, anxiety can cause the tissue damage in our human body which reduces strength and stamina of the men. Adived superhero Shilajit is a ayurvedic power supplement for men. It will boost the power, strength and stamina which will drive you for longer performance. Try it now!
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Online buying behaviour of the customers has increased drastically. They are more comfortable to buy online rather than walking up to the store. E-commerce platform provides various choices and variety among commodities. Ayurvedic medicines are mainly bought from the online store. Here are some benefits of buying online Ayurvedic medicines
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